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Thanks to its TERCAP subsidiary, SCTI group has acquired an acurate know-how in the moulding of composite materials sector (SMC, BMC) by compression.

This expertise is carried out in the aeronautic sector and mainly for the manufacturing of motor parts.

ARTECA and TERCAP, have issued a large number of elastomer formula. We also use other formulations coming from major groups in the chemical industry.

The following list contains the major elastomer categories.

SymbolCommon nameFormulaTrade marks
NRNatural rubberNatural polyisoprene-
IRIsopreneSynthetic polyisoprene-
SBRButadiene-styreneStyrene and butadiene copolymer-
NBRNitrilesAcrylic nitrile and butadiene copolymersPerbunan N
IIRButylIsoprene and isobutylene copolymers-
EPDM-Terpolymère of ethylene, propylene and a diene-
CSM-Chlorosulfoné polyethylene-
FPMFluorocarbonaceousRubber with alkylfluorés or alkoxyfluorés side groupsVitton
PUPolyurethanePolyesteruréthanne or polyetheruréthanneVulkollan, Desmopan, Adiprene, Urepan
VMQSiliconePolysiloxane with side groups methyl and vinyl-
FVMQFluorinated silicone--
ACMPolyacrylicEthyl acrylate copolymerVamac
ECOEpichlorhydrine copolymerOxide copolymer of ethylene or oxyrane and chlorométhyloxyrane-

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